Our Blog Has Moved

Moved!We are so very excited to announce that our blog has moved to the NEW Alumni Foundation web site!!! We have been working hard to create a beautiful new web site that will have everything in one place, be easier for our members to use, and easier to maintain so that we can keep it updated with the latest news! How exciting is that?

We went live with the new web site yesterday, so go check it out! The blog has its own tab and new posts will be featured on the main page……you will find ALL the previous posts there and you can expect to continue to find the same great topics as we move forward at the new site…..and so much more!!! The blog and some other portions of the web site will remain open to public viewing…..other sections will require membership and a password for access – info will be sent out to members regarding passwords and registration in the coming days/weeks.



AHS Alumni Foundation

Web Address is:







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