Throwback Thursday – Dance-a-Thon for Mental Health

Throwback Thursday


Dance-a-Thon For Mental Health


This newspaper clipping chronicles a Dance-a-Thon For Mental Health that, I assume, took place sometime in the mid-1970s. It was April 5th and photographed are three couples who participated in the fundraising event.

Clipping_Dance a thon_Mental Health

Laurie Thompson and Reid Cole – both class of ’77

Cindy Thompson, class of ’75, and Walter Makowski, class of ’74

Beth Hollenbeck, class of ’74, and Scott Sanford, class of ’76 

As it turns out, Laurie and Reid later married, are still married, and live in Albion. Cindy and Walter also married and are still together in Florida. Sadly, Beth Hollenbeck is no longer with us. Scott Sanford is married to Julie (Church) Sanford, class of ’82, and they live in Albion.

Do your remember this Dance-a-Thon — did you participate? Let us know!

Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Clipping courtesy of Renee Schoonover Colonna

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