Throwback Thursday – Early Chevrons

Throwback Thursday


Early Chevrons

The history of our year book – The Chevron – goes back to the year 1912. Back in those early days, The Chevron was published twice a year as a newsletter. If you’ve never seen them, you really should take the time sometime to peruse them…..they contain some amazing and fascinating information. They tended to write some great editorials about the times they lived in — about their school, Albion, and the world! They also included coverage of alumni to inform their readers about what former AHS students are doing with their lives after good ole Albion. And, the photos and coverage of school activities, sports, and events is outstanding! AND…’ll see many familiar names of prominent Albion residents from when they were in their school years. It really is an education in the history of our times!

It looks like the Chevron as an annual year book as we know it, today, started some time in the mid-1930s. Here are some examples of sections I found interesting in the 1912-1918 editions. You can find them all at this link — Old Chevrons — do yourself a favor and read through them… won’t regret it and you just might find something that will enlighten you!!!


the cover of the very first Chevron

1912_First Chevron_cover

Editorial about creation of The Chevron

1912_First Chevron_pt 1

The rest of the article PLUS

an editorial on Responsibility that could still apply today!

1912_First Chevron_pt 2


Back then, the HS was what later became the Grammar School and, of course, is now an apartment building

1913_old HS_old Grammar School

Here, they report on a fire that occurred in 1913

1913_Burning of the HS_photo

1913_Burning of the HS

They also reported on work that was being done on the canal

1913_From the Canal Bank

In this Alumni News section, we find that Howard Pratt (class of ’11) is teaching at a rural school

J. Howard Pratt went on to become a noted historian and author of several books about early life along the Ridge

1913_Alumni news_Howard Pratt


In 1914, they reported on the street conditions in Albion and the history of the apple industry!

1914_Street Conditions in Albion



 We find that the Albion / Medina rivalry was alive and well in 1916

1916_Albion Medina Rivalry

And that even way back then students dreaded taking Regents exams

1916_Signs of Regents

Many of us remember Gus’ soda shop downtown — here is an ad that shows it was a long standing Albion family business

1916_Sugar Bowl Ad


 Here is a letter from an alumni from the Class of 1916 giving advice from college

I’m sure you recognize his name – Charles D’Amico

1917_Charles DAmico Letter


In 1918, they had a nice spread honoring alumni in the military

A list of alumni in the military – including a paragraph honoring the only woman from Orleans County to be in the military at that time – as well as some letters from Alumni in the trenches and a few photos — this is just a sample – there are more letters and info in the 1918 Chevron

1918_Alumni in the Military

1918_Letters from Alumni in Military

1918_Military photos

1918_Military photos_2

1918_Military photos_3

So, you see, there is a lot to learn from our early Chevrons……block out some time, go to the link (here it is, again), and read through them…..what a treat it is to find so much of our history within the pages of these early editions!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photos from Albion HS Chevrons – various years noted above

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