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Moved!We are so very excited to announce that our blog has moved to the NEW Alumni Foundation web site!!! We have been working hard to create a beautiful new web site that will have everything in one place, be easier for our members to use, and easier to maintain so that we can keep it updated with the latest news! How exciting is that?

We went live with the new web site yesterday, so go check it out! The blog has its own tab and new posts will be featured on the main page……you will find ALL the previous posts there and you can expect to continue to find the same great topics as we move forward at the new site…..and so much more!!! The blog and some other portions of the web site will remain open to public viewing…..other sections will require membership and a password for access – info will be sent out to members regarding passwords and registration in the coming days/weeks.



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Throwback Thursday – 1974


Throwback Thursday


Newspaper clippings from – 41 Years ago


An important thing for our young people to learn is the importance of citizenship and community service. The senior class of 1974 went on record with the local newspaper to show their interest in both. The first photo shows a group of seniors registering to vote and the next two depict scenes from Youth Day where members of the senior class took on performing the duties of various Village government roles.

Clipping_Registering to Vote

Clipping_Seniors Ran Village

Clipping_Seniors Ran Village 2

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Merry Christmas!

0182014 Christmas tree in front of the Orleans County Clerk’s Office

Wishing you all a very

Merry Christmas

and a

Happy New Year

From the Board of Directors of the

Albion HS Alumni Foundation



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Throwback Thursday – 1961

Throwback Thursday


From the 1961 Chevron – 53 Years ago


First photo taking us back to 1961:    Senior Class Officers and a summary of the year’s events!

Throwback Thursday_1961_class officers


And, now…..who can identify these four students? Comment here or on our Facebook page to tell us who they are……is one of them YOU???

Throwback Thursday_1961_students


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Photos from the 1961 Chevron

Throwback Thursday – 1965 Baseball

Throwback Thursday


Sandstone Park Little League Team

Today’s Throwback Thursday is courtesy of Bill Lattin, Orleans County Historian, and The Orleans Hub. Members of the team that year include: Michael Maas, Ed Monacelli, Richard Colonna, David Stackwick, Ken Pettine, John Grillo, Ron Mannella, Tim Kirby, Dave Colonna, Mike Murphy, Ray Colonna, Gary Mannella, Pat Murphy, Paul Salisbury, Mark Adema, and Brian Rush. Coaches were “Babe” Colonna, Ken Pettine and Guido Mannella.



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Information courtesy of Bill Lattin and The Orleans Hub

Where Are They Now – Michelle Muoio Restivo

AHS Class of 1997 graduate, Michelle Muoio Restivo was recently showcased in an article on The Orleans Hub. Michelle is now a kindergarten teacher in Batavia trying to keep her classroom fun and interesting for her students in the wake of Common Core requirements. She was recognized by Rochester radio station 100.5 “The Drive” as the winner of their “Open The Door To Education” contest.

Bravo to Michelle and other teachers who work hard to ensure a successful and enjoyable educational experience for our children!

Read the Hub’s article by clicking HERE!



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Information courtesy of The Orleans Hub

Take Five – Board Member: Jean Forder Shervin

This is the seventh in our new series of “Take 5″ interviews designed to introduce you to the members of the Board of Directors of the Albion HS Alumni Foundation. We will highlight one board member at a time until we have introduced you to all of our members. This post will highlight Jean (Forder) Shervin.

Today we “Take 5″ with Jean (Forder) Shervin

AHS Alumni Foundation Board Member

Jean Shervin is an AHS graduate from the Class of 1952. She is a long-standing member of the AHS Alumni Foundation. Here is her interview response:

About Jean:

“I was born and still live in Albion. I graduated from AHS in 1952. I took business courses through school and, while a senior, I worked after school at Agway and continued full time after graduation. I married Charles and we had three children – Janet lives in Albion, Linda in Anchorage, AK, and David in Beaufort, SC. I have three grandsons and two step-grandsons. I became a stay-at-home Mom until my children were in school. Then, I worked part time and then full time in local physician’s offices. Upon retirement and becoming a widow, my life is volunteering at church and local organizations and maintaining my home.”

About the Foundation:

“I became a member of the Alumni Foundation in the ’90s and was secretary for 13 years. I am still a board member and enjoy helping with scholarships and homecoming. While I attended school, more students entered the job field, not college, and scholarships were not as available as now. Throughout the years, more scholarships have been added and activities added to boost the amounts awarded. It is very rewarding to be a part of the Foundation, which helps all students further their education to fulfill their dreams and aspirations of life.”


Here is Jean at the Alumni Booth at this year’s Homecoming game

Jean is in the center with the white sweatshirt!

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Take Five – Board Member: Chris Haines

This is the sixth in our new series of “Take 5″ interviews designed to introduce you to the members of the Board of Directors of the Albion HS Alumni Foundation. We will highlight one board member at a time until we have introduced you to all of our members. This post will highlight Chris Haines.


Today we “Take 5″ with Chris Haines

AHS Alumni Foundation Board Member


Chris Haines graduated from Albion HS with the class of 1977. He went on to attend the University of Michigan to study Economics. Chris returned to his home town to start a career in his family’s business. He has been an insurance agent for 35+ years at Albion Agencies in Albion – a traditional Main Street insurance agency offering auto, home, and small business insurance. Chris’ personal specialty is insuring local municipalities. He boasts that he has a great staff that makes his business life easy. Chris and his wife, Pat, live near Lake Ontario in Carlton with their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jasmine. The couple has a daughter, Amanda, who is a history teacher in Charleston, SC.  In his spare time, Chris likes to travel, bike, hike, and kayak. He also does a little woodworking and enjoys watching sports.


And, now for our interview:

1.     When did you join the board of directors and what is your role?

1988 – right from the start. I’ve been President and Treasurer – I think one or the other every year. I am currently the President of the Foundation.

2.     What sparked your interest in being a part of this board and what do you like most about what the Foundation does and your involvement in it?

Charles Vick approached me in the late 1980s to tell me about the alumni organization that several community leaders were working to get off the ground. I was really interested in the scholarship ideas and the financial aspects of the organization. We started with some seed money from an old scholarship program in honor of alumni that served in the armed forces, but not much else – no class lists, no alumni names or addresses. Over the years, we’ve had a tremendous amount of help and support – from the school administrators, guidance department, and especially from our fellow alumni – to build the scholarship program and the network of financial supporters for the Foundation. What I like best is the opportunity to work with friends to maintain and grow our support for ACS and its graduates.

3.     Tell us about your experience at Albion HS and how your experiences influenced you either in school or in your life after school.

Well, I think most all of my teachers had a positive influence (though I probably didn’t think so at the time!). The science teachers – Mr. Salchak, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Bovenzi – stand out because they put an emphasis on not just answering questions correctly, but on understanding and exploring the material in depth. This was a big help to me in college, even though I didn’t take higher level sciences. Mr. Chamberlain, in particular, has been a role model for me and a good friend to this day.

4.     What motivated you to go into the career you chose and what led you to your higher education choices?

I studied economics at the University of Michigan. I made that choice because it kept my options open – I was thinking of a career in math, corporate finance, or law. I decided to come back to Albion to try out the family insurance agency……and I’m still here after 34 years!

5.     What advice / words of wisdom do you have for our current students and recent graduates?

Think beyond Albion – there are so many exciting opportunities to explore. I wish I had considered architecture or engineering, though I might very well have made the same choices, anyway. We now have a scholarship for Chemical Engineering majors and there are all kinds of great careers in the sciences and math.

But, then think back to Albion – there are opportunities right here to build your own business and career. And its certainly a low-stress life here compared to a city or corporate environment.


Watch in the coming weeks for more from our board members.

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Wayne A. Burlison Memorial Scholarship Concert


The Wayne A. Burlison Memorial Scholarship is a new scholarship established by Wayne’s wife and son. It is in honor of Wayne’s memory and legacy and will be administered by the Albion HS Alumni Foundation. Wayne was a beloved music educator in the Albion School District. He passed away at the age of 36 on March 26, 2014 from colon cancer.

On Friday, January 30, 2015, the Albion HS Alumni Foundation will be sponsoring a concert to benefit this new scholarship and to honor Wayne A. Burlison.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

A concert to benefit the

Wayne A. Burlison Memorial Scholarship

Friday, January 30, 2015

7:00 p.m.

Albion Middle School Auditorium

$5.00 Donation

Featured performers include:

The Albion Central School District musical faculty members

the Hitmen Brass Band

Mark Time Marchers

and more!

Tickets are available at:

Fischer’s Newsroom

Bloom’s Flower Shop

all ACS Holiday Concerts (* see below for a concert list)

or call 589-2405

Don’t miss out on this amazing musical event and the chance to contribute to the newly established scholarship honoring Wayne A. Burlison!

Can’t make it to the concert, but would like to donate to the Wayne A. Burlison Memorial Scholarship? You may send your donation to:   Albion High School Alumni Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 345, Albion, NY 14411-0345 and specify the name of the scholarship. Donations to other specific scholarships or our general scholarship fund are also always welcome and greatly appreciated! Please feel free to contact us at this address if you are interested in more information or in establishing a scholarship.


* List of ACS Holiday Concerts:

December 9 – Middle School Concert (both band and chorus) – Tuesday @ 7:00 pm, Albion Middle School Auditorium

December 11 – Elementary School Concert (3-5 chorus, 5th grade band) – Thursday @ 7:00 pm, Albion Middle School Auditorium

December 12 – High School Talent Show – Friday @ 7:00 pm, Albion Middle School Auditorium

December 16 – High School Chorus – Tuesday @ 7:00 pm, Albion Middle School Auditorium

December 18 – High School Band – Thursday @ 7:00 pm, Albion Middle School Auditorium

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2014 Christmas Concert

Come join us for the 2014 “Light of Christmas” concert at the First Presbyterian Church in Albion on Sunday, December 7th at 3:00 p.m. All proceeds will benefit the Albion HS Alumni Foundation general scholarship fund so we can continue to offer valuable scholarships to our graduating seniors. Tickets are only $5.00 and you will get an afternoon of quality entertainment, holiday cheer, and the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to a great organization and the educational goals of our students – just try to go somewhere else and get that much for such a small price!!! Hope to see you there!

Eastman at Albion Courthouse Square

Concert Series

2014 “Light of Christmas” Concert




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