Throwback Thursday_Albion Parochial Schools

Throwback Thursday


Albion Parochial Schools


At the end of the 1977 school year, the era of Parochial Schools in Albion also ended! The St. Joseph and St. Mary’s schools both announced they would close after over a century of service to Albion students, beginning at St. Joseph’s in 1869.

Throwback Thursday_St Joseph School

Did you attend one of these schools?

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3 comments on “Throwback Thursday_Albion Parochial Schools

  1. I attended St. Joseph’s School from 1st through 7th grades and then the school closed. I named my oldest son Tony after Sister Anthony. She taught me to read in 1st grade. I have many wonderful great and innocent memories of playing king of the hill on the high snow piles in the winter and playing baseball at St. Joe’s Park during lunch break. I didn’t appreciate it then, but I look back and now I know that going to mass every Tuesday and first Friday helped me to want to attend mass as a 52 year old now. The best however was the Catholic bowling league and having half days on Wednesdays. Who can ever forget what a great time we had at the bowling alley with John Cappacci. It was sad when it closed! They had the 7th and 8th grade go on the Crystal Beach trip together to get over the shock of having to attend the Albion Middle School. What a culture shock that was. The only good thing that came out of that move was the twelve students that went into the middle school were already in the top 5% of the class. Those years between 1968-1975 sure do seem like a lifetime ago…but the happy memories are still very vivid!

    • Amen to that Paul. I did not know Anthony was named after Sister Anthony. St. Joe’s was fun. I still have my last place patch and certificate from the bowling league. Several Spirit Awards and such from St. Joe’s also. Crystal Beach was so much fun and yes, public school was horribly shocking to me too. Mean girls and not so nice other people roamed the halls there. I just had to learn to live with it back then. I wouldn’t trade my Catholic School days for anything.

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