Throwback Thursday – 1967

Throwback Thursday

From the 1967 Chevron – 47 years ago!


This photo caught my eye as I was flipping through Chevrons for this week’s Throwback Thursday post!

(l-r) John Grillo (’71) and Jim Theodorakos (’69) 

1967_Throwback Thursday

The caption below the photo was obscured by a handwritten note

Here is what was printed on the Chevron page:

“Does he measure up?”

“Who has not wished that time would pass a little more quickly in his youth? In seventh grade, senior year looks oh so far away! But it passes, and one grows, and senior year arrives along with the varsity football team —- all too soon!”


Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photos from 1967 Albion HS Chevron

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