Throwback Thursday – Vintage Photos

Throwback Thursday

 There have been some vintage school photos made available lately

First up:  This is a photo provided by Marilyn Freeman Wright, class of 1954, of her first day of school at the Gaines District 4 Cobblestone schoolhouse located at the corner of Ridge Road and route 237. At one time, the Chatterbox restaurant was on that corner and this cobblestone schoolhouse was behind it. Now, there is nothing on the corner, so the schoolhouse is more visible – a motorcycle club currently occupies the building.  BLOGGERS NOTE: Marilyn is the mother of AHS Alumni Foundation Blogger, Kim Wright Pritt! 

Mom_Gaines Cobblestone School classmates

Marilyn is the one with the white dress in the front center of the photo.

She couldn’t remember all the names, but here are some of the children pictured (not in order):

Teachers – Elsie Good and Jennie Henderson

Marilyn Freeman, Hazel Woolson, Glenn Woolston, Lee Woolston, Dick Appleton, Doris Perry,

Marie Ricci, Betty Ricci, Tony LaGalbo, Delores Mack, Glenn Sprague, David Pask,

Duane Burns, Betty Burns, Violet Neal, Albert Neal, Eva Tebaldi, Russell Williams,

Roland Rogers, Alvin Waterson, Ronnie Winans, Bobby Winans, JR Reed, Claire Clement

(Updated with corrected names and additional students that have been identified since posted)

If you know any of the other children in the photo, please comment here!

I will update this post with any additional names I receive!


The other photos were posted on The Orleans Hub this past week by Orleans County Historian, Bill Lattin. Click on these links to view them:

High School Kids Enjoy Some Tomfoolery


Second Graders From Former Waterport School – 1958


*** Do you have a good AHS related Throwback Thursday photo to share? You can email it to – please include information about the photo.


Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photo courtesy of Marilyn Freeman Wright

Links courtesy of The Orleans Hub

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