Throwback Thursday – Perfect Poses

Throwback Thursday

Perfect Poses Through The Years

Most yearbook group photos consist of students sitting in neat rows in chairs or at desks. Some spice it up a little and have the students gather on ladders or stairs, in outdoor settings, or around something that represents the group and some hold objects or wear uniforms that tip off what they represent. But, even with the little twists, they typically put groups in fairly standard formats for large groups.

And, then there are the “posers”……..with very few exceptions, you can just about always count on the cheerleaders, twirlers, and color guards to provide some creative group photos! Here are some random photos taken from various Chevrons over the years:

1954 – Twirlers and Cheerleaders


1954_V Cheerleaders

1959 Twirlers


1961 Cheerleaders

1961_JV Cheerleaders

1961_V Cheerleaders

1962 Cheerleaders


1972 Twirlers


1974 Cheerleaders


1983 Cheerleaders and Color Guard



And, another creative group – 1972 Drama Club

1972_Drama Club

Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photos from Albion HS Chevrons – various years noted above

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