Throw Back Thursday – FFA

Throwback Thursday

Future Farmers of America

In honor of last week’s Orleans County Fair

Here are photos from the Various Chevrons representing the FFA


From the 1930 Chevron

I found this interesting – The Farmerette’s Club was formed during the 1929-30 school year!


TBT_Class of 1930_Farmerettes Club


From the 1949 Chevron

TBT_Class of 1949_FFA

From the 1965 Chevron

TBT_Class of 1965_FFA

From the 1979 Chevron

TBT_Class of 1979_FFA




Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photos from the 1930, 1949, 1965, and 1979 Albion HS Chevrons




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