Our Alma Mater – 100 years old!

Albion High School Alma Mater

Alumni know this song very well……but did you realize it is 100 years old this year? The music was written by Frank R. Wassung, high school principal till June, 1914, but it is unclear who wrote the words that we all know and love. It is in honor of the June 27, 2014 graduation ceremony of the Class of 2014, where this song will surely be sung as it has for the past 100 years, that we share this information about our beloved Alma Mater.

In addition to writing our Alma Mater, Mr. Wassung had quite an impressive history and made amazing contributions to NY schools:

Click here for more information about AHS principal Frank R. Wassung and our Alma Mater

Audio clip of the High School Chorus singing our Alma Mater

Performed at an AHS graduation – year unknown

Poem found in the December edition of the 1914 AHS Chevron

Written by Nellie Mahoney, Class of 1916

One day our principal,

While strolling down the street,

Received an inspiration

Which would or favor meet.

He rushed off to the school,

And on the piano played;

until by some good fortune

A wonderful tune he made.

When our artist heard this air,

She set to work directly

To write some charming words,

To match this tune correctly.

When it was completed;

What a wonderful song we heard!

By its beauty, so elated,

We were left without a word.

Much praise should then be given

To their efforts, brave,

Which gave us such a song

As to make the pupils rave.

~Nellie Mahoney ‘16


Photo of the 2014 Junior/Senior Chorus singing the Alma Mater

at the 2014 Class Night event


Posted by Kim Wright Pritt

Photo courtesy of Sue Starkweather Miller

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